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Food salt distributor since 1942


The Cooperative of the Sauniers of the Île de Ré was created in 1942 and brings together 70 salt producers who are members of the Cooperative of the Sauniers of the Île de Ré, associated in order to pool the human and material resources to ensure the sale of our productions, Gros Sel and Fleur de Sel.

A true agri-food company, we fully apply consumer requirements: quality control, product selection, traceability, hygiene and safety. Our quality charter as a salt wholesaler/producer The STG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) label is also in the process, and is initiated by Atlantic salt producers.

  • The Sauniers de l’Ile de Ré cooperative has been IFS (International Featured Standard) certified since 2008. This certificate is required by mass distribution
  • The HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point - which concerns hygiene and traceability in the food and catering industry) was implemented in 2004, guaranteeing the traceability and hygiene of our products, delivery by the members up to the shipping of the products, including packaging…

High quality and know-how

Our objective is to combine tradition and modernity, by becoming increasingly involved in the environment. Our fleur de sel from Ile de Ré is considered one of the most high-end and tastiest salts in the world. Our coarse salt is harvested manually using traditional methods on natural clay bottoms and according to the know-how of the salt workers. As for the fine salt, it is prepared exclusively from coarse gray sea salt harvested manually from the salt marshes. The products distributed are particularly suitable for our professional customers for their packaging of up to 15 kg as well as their decreasing prices.

cooperative sel sauniers ile de re

Recognized salt producers: Île de Ré salt is recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication

The IGP Sel de l'île de Ré and Fleur de Sel de l'île de Ré is an additional guarantee for any consumer of using a "good product", made according to the rules of the art and above all which can be identified the source ! For us, salt producers, it is also a way to avoid counterfeits!

Regular assessment of our practices and organization

Every 5 years, we welcome AREVCO, a multidisciplinary accounting firm based in Bordeaux. They carry out varied missions, ranging from the role of Auditor to that of Auditor, thus demonstrating their expertise and their versatility in the field of accounting and financial auditing.

On the program for 2 days of work: evaluation of our mode of organization and operation, prospects for development, anticipation of changes and adjustments necessary for the growth and sustainability of our cooperative. Their approach takes into account cooperative principles to ensure a comprehensive assessment aligned with these core values.

This review covers legal, administrative, governance, training, membership, profit sharing, as well as economic and financial perspectives.

The review process goes beyond simple legal obligations by ensuring in-depth economic analysis.

They do us the honor of visiting us every five years. This periodicity demonstrates the importance they attach to our cooperative and to the regular evaluation of our organization and our practices, thus contributing to our continuous improvement.

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