Coarse Sea Salt, a 100% natural product with multiple virtues

Traditionally used to preserve foods before the invention of the refrigerator, salt is today a flavor enhancer and an essential component of our diet.

According to the National Agency of Sanitary Security, the minimum amount is 2 grams of salt per day. The National Health Nutrition Plan recommends 8 grams per day for men and 6.5 grams for women and children.

The sea salt of the Ré Island is naturally rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and manganese, essential trace elements and minerals for our body. A 100% natural salt like that of Ré Island is not chemically transformed and is manually harvested using traditional methods.

The product range of the Cooperative of Salt Farmers consists of Fleur de Sel, Coarse Sea Salt and fine sea salt .

Le sel exhausteur de goût© 2017 - L'Encre Invisible

Forms of salt

The delicateness of the Fleur de Sel

During the summer in the warm hours of the afternoon, the Fleur de Sel appears as a light veil on the surface of the water. In order to collect these fine crystals, the salt farmer slides the lousse under the surface of the water. Slightly pinkish and fragrant at the time of collection, the Fleur de Sel becomes bright white when dried.

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Formerly called viau or sau fine, the Fleur de sel was traditionally considered as a precious good which the salt farmers reserved for themselves.

Indispensable on the table of gourmets, the Fleur de Sel "Les Sauniers de l’Ïle de Ré" will enhance the flavors of the most simple dishes as the most refined. Its subtle aroma and delicateness make the Fleur de Sel from Ré Island a condiment of excellence that will enhance the flavor of your cuisine, season fruits and vegetables and the finest dishes.

The brand of the Cooperative of Salt Farmers of Ré Island guarantees, the origin and authenticity their Fleur de Sel.

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The Fleur de Sel from Ré Island is considered one of the most refined and tastiest salts in the world. The subtlety of its flavor is linked to the fact that it is not only salt ... it naturally contains magnesium and trace elements. It contains less sodium that an industrially produced table salt. It is added at the last moment to food in order to reveal its aromas and flavours.

Serving suggestion : Fleur de sel is used at the table for seasoning.

The authenticity of Coarse Sea Salt

Fruit of the ocean, sun and wind, the Coarse Sea Salt is harvested manually using traditional methods on natural clay beds. The Coarse Sea Salt of Ré Island is recognizable by its characteristic gray hue, a sign of local production and the know-how of the salt farmers. The Coarse Sea Salt is not processed and is only subjected to 7mm sieve screening before being packaged.

Coarse sea salt pyramid by salt marshes© 2017 - L'Encre Invisible

Serving suggestion : Coarse Sea Salt is particularly suitable for stews, bouillons or grilled meats and fish. It is essential for baking fish or poultry in a salt crust.

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The delicateness of Fine Salt

The Fine Salt of the salt farmers of Ré Island is prepared exclusively from Coarse Sea salt harvested manually in the salt marshes. Simply subjected to sieve screening of 7 mm, the crystals are then dried and crushed, to obtain crystals less than or equal to 2 mm, which does not alter the unique character of the sea salt.

Serving suggestion : Fine Salt is ideal for seasoning all dishes in the kitchen or at the table.

La légèreté du sel fin

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