The role of the Cooperative is to store, prepare (screen, dry, grind), condition and market the salt while respecting demanding quality standards and strong human values. The pooling of resources, the cooperative spirit and the involvement of everyone are essential to the proper functioning of the Cooperative.

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Bâtiment de la Coopérative des Sauniers de l'île de Ré

Le rôle de la coopérative des Sauniers de l'île de Ré© 2017 - L'Encre Invisible

The role of the Cooperative is also to develop the profession thanks to a program of revival of the activity based on 3 axes:

  • - Training and installation of young salt farmers,
  • - The reclaim and restoration of undeveloped salt marshes. Access to salt marsh land to gain production space,
  • - The valorization of the harvested salt.

Because the salt farmers are passionate about nature and their work depends above all on our "nourishing sea", the wind and the sun, being a Cooperative of Salt Farmers of Ré Island implies acting in favor of the environment.

Nature and wild life
© 2017 - L'Encre Invisible

The Cooperative of Salt Farmers of Ré Island is fully equipped with photovoltaic solar panels providing a self-sufficiency of energy and revenue by resale.

Solar panels of the cooperativePanneaux solaires photovoltaïques de la Coopérative

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